How to Get More Referrals & Renewals in Your Coaching Business

Creating referrals and having clients renew with you is one of the best things you can do for your coaching practice.

It is unknown for many coaches, but you can build a full coaching practice where you have 75% of your clients renewing every year, which means less time wasted on sales and marketing.

In this webinar, Ankush partners with Delenta to share his best business strategies for getting more referrals and nurturing them so you can keep sustainably growing your coaching business.

You’ll walk away knowing:

01:39 – Why are referrals so important to your business

04:16 – How to start getting more referrals

10:50 – Effective ways to ask for them

16:26 – How to build credibility so referrals & renewals come naturally

21:08 – Making sure you always get better as a coach

23:25 – How to systematically handle the referral process

28:56 – How to nurture those relationships over time

35:11 – The essence of this process

36:38 – How did Ankush get his first clients

39:02 – How to approach the referrer of your clients

42:38 – When do you start charging for your sessions?


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