How to Follow Your Gut or Intuition

How to follow your gut or intuition


For years I never thought of myself as someone who had a strong sense of intuition or that I could trust my gut. I was a massive overthinker and I would drive myself crazy looking at a decision from every single angle. Besides, I’d often make a decision on default when I was pressed to make one.

I was envious of people who seemed to have a strong sense of knowing, clarity and surety when making difficult or important decisions.

However, as I started to learn more about The Three Principles, I found that my mind was typically a lot quieter than it used to be and a great side effect of that was I started to tap into what we might call my gut or intuition – and that connection has only become stronger and stronger over time.

I’ve used that intuition to guide me when making important decisions and I found when I don’t listen to it, I am reminded of why I do need to listen to that voice inside.

At the end of March, Keith Blevens, a highly regarded 3 Principles mentor, spoke at my men’s event The Powerful Men’s Immersion and we got a short clip of him talking about the power of tuning in to a deeper feeling – getting in touch with our intuition. Check it out below.

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