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How to find a career you really love

I’ve had a lot of conversations over the years with people looking to find a career that they really love. They’d tell me how they were searching for their passion or their purpose.

I felt very lucky that I had found this with coaching and people were coming to me to help them find their version of that.

What really helped me was coming across Cal Newport’s work where he talked about how trying to find your passion or purpose is actually bad advice. It’s not particularly helpful because many times our passion and purpose come afterwards – after we’ve stayed on a path long enough to see our craft improving.

This was actually true for me. Whilst it looked like I found my purpose with coaching I’d been around personal development and personal growth for over 10 years when I had the insight that I wanted to be a coach and as my passion for coaching grew over the years I got better and better at coaching and my results grew.

So now I don’t encourage people to look for their passion or find their purpose or vision. Instead, I have them just enjoy whatever they’re doing now because when you do that, your purpose finds you.

Here’s a talk by Cal Newport on this topic:


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