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How to fill your next group event - Ankush Jain

I have been running my Men’s Immersions programs for seven years now and each one of these programs has sold out, from the very first one I’ve run to the most recent one.

Over this time, these programs have evolved and become bigger and more impactful, but the process of filling them has always remained the same and I often get asked by coaches how I do that. 

A lot of people make assumptions that I was filling my Immersions through marketing, through my podcasts or just simply by being well known and somehow people contacting me. However, my Immersions – as well as my recent AJC coaching school and every other group program I’ve done – were ultimately filled through having conversations with people who would be a good fit for the program.

That almost sounds too simple but it really is that simple.

I remember in 2016 I did a two-day group program for coaches in London with Steve Chandler and I assumed all I had to do was put out an email to let people know that Steve Chandler – the godfather of coaching – was going to be there and we would instantly fill the room.

I was wrong.

I sent out the first online communication about the event to 100 coaches who joined a past event Steve Chandler had done with Rich Litvin in London in 2014. Can you guess how many people signed up for it?

2 coaches!

It taught me a valuable lesson. It doesn’t matter who is speaking and it doesn’t matter how big your following is, clients are always created through conversations, whether they are 1-1 clients or group clients.

Now, one difference with group programs is often people like to have more of an understanding of what is involved in the group and what will happen in the room. Because of that, it may make sense to include a sales page or a brochure, including content from the program and the course. However, it doesn’t have to be – my immersions have pretty much sold out without any of that for many years.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this topic there’s a great video I’ve done on all my lessons from filling one of my events. You can check it below.



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