How to Effectively Share Resources With Potential Clients | 3 Principles Coaching

How to Effectively Share Resources With Potential Clients | 3P Coaching

I had a coaching call with Steve Chandler (the Godfather of coaching) a couple of years ago where we were talking about a prospective client that I’d been interacting with. We were discussing the email I sent them after our conversation and Steve kept telling me about sending this person a resource in a strong way i.e. not making it optional.

Now, I’ve been coached by Steve for many years. As I was listening to him I thought I understood what he was saying – I said, “Steve, I get it. I’m being a stand for this resource, exactly like you’re saying” – because in my email I had written to this person that I strongly recommend that they listened to the audio I was sending them.

After a bit of back and forth, Steve highlighted to me that using the words ‘strongly recommend’ still leaves an interpretation for that to be optional for the person to listen to.

He told me that if I was a doctor and I was prescribing medication to a patient, I wouldn’t strongly recommend they take it, I would instead prescribe it. A light bulb went off in my head. That was a game-changer for me.

Moving forward I would often prescribe resources to both clients and potential clients if I knew it would really help them and make a big difference in their life. I removed any trace of it being optional in order to deeply serve them.

I believe the stronger coaches are in their communication with clients and prospective clients not only will they be more successful, but the more value their clients will get from their work.

Here’s a great resource to share with clients as a great introduction to the 3 Principles:

Will you send this to your potential clients as optional or are you willing to be a stand for this work in order to make a real difference in their lives?


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