How to Create Business Coaching Clients with Piers Thurston

When thinking about creating business coaching clients, do you need a big network to start? Who do you talk with? What if you don’t have referrals?


Business coaching has been around the block for decades and it’s a growing industry.

It makes sense that many coaches are trying to get into corporate and work with leaders, managers or employees in organizations.

Depending on who you talk with, many people in this field are looking to better themselves professionally, get a better career, a salary raise, more productive teams, higher performance and less stress.

But there are many questions coaches ask themselves about how to create such business coaching clients. After all, how does a coach get into corporate? Do we need a big business network or a list of referrals?

In this webinar, I interviewed Piers Thurston exactly on that: his main insights from 12+ years of experience on how to create business coaching clients.

Amongst many things, we discussed:

 01:58 – Piers background on coaching and The 3 Principles

06:04 – How Piers created his first business coaching clients

16:19 – New coach with no referrals? Do this.

21:47 – The difference between creating private and business clients

24:05 – How relevant are coaching qualifications for organizations

25:39 – What if organizations ask for measurable outcomes?

30:39 – The difference in selling as a 3P business coach

37:21 – His top tips for business coaches

41:21 – Is having a network or business knowledge important to start?

45:03 – It can be as simple as this to create clients.

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How to Create Business Coaching Clients


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