How to Be a Great Coaching Client with Karen Davis

Join Ankush and Karen Davis as they explore what it takes to be a great coaching CLIENT i.e. how to get the most out of any money you invest in a coach.

Use these quick links to find the webinar highlights:

00:00 – Introduction

06:52 – How to ensure clients are prepared to work with us?

13:27 – What helps clients show up 100% to the coaching.

22:05 – Do we need to manage our clients?

26:10 – What a client needs to do to be a great client?

35:00 – Karen’s book

37:50 – A structure to get the most out of coaching sessions

41:37 – How Karen addresses accountability issues

45:24 – The power of investing as a client

54:48 – How Karen serve her clients between sessions

Karen’s book: How to Get the Most Out of Coaching: A Client’s Guide for Optimizing the Coaching Experience

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