How My Grounding Helped Me Become A Better Father

Ankush is interviewed by Matt Fox for the podcast ‘The Heart of Dad’ where they explored Ankush’s experience of becoming a father and how much understanding how our mind works had – and continue to have – an impact on his journey as a parent and with his own father.

Amongst several things, they talked about:

  • How babies are great teachers
  • The massive shift in his relationship his my dad, after his uncle died
  • Dropping anger and resentment as a way of deepening relationships
  • The ‘ace in the hand’ of being able to reset from stressful situations
  • Challenges of being a new dad
  • Gifts and challenges of working from home
  • Creating space for yourself within your relationship
  • How men can be really hard on themselves

If you have recently become a dad or if you have one or is related to one, this would be a great listen for you. Ankush would love to hear what insights you took from the conversation, you can simply send him a message here.

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How My Grounding Helped Me Become A Better Father

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