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How Men Benefit From Having a Coach Ankush Jain

I started getting into personal development when I was 19. Although at that stage I already had the realisation that life could be different and I didn’t have to live on default, I had no idea how different life could be.

It was another six years before I finally hired my first coach. I was 25 years old and despite him being an inexperienced coach (I was actually his first ever client) it was very impactful. I found that I made more progress working with him for a few days than I had done in years on my own. I was hooked! Fast forward another few years and I had already signed up for various paid programs with multiple coaches. 
When I hit 30 I realised that in the previous two years of paid coaching and training I had made massive leaps in my life. I thought, “Why hadn’t I done this sooner?”.
It was later that year that I ended up training to be a coach myself, in part because of the massive benefits I had received from being coached.
I’ve been working with my own coach now for eight years as well as hiring other coaches, mentors and teachers to support me during that time. I cannot think of a better investment in yourself and in your life than a good coach. The life I’m living right didn’t even look possible when I was 19 and if you had told me this is what I’d be doing 20 years in the future I wouldn’t have believed you. I’ve made strides because of the coaches who challenged my views and helped me see the blind spots that were holding me back.
I have benefited immensely from my coaches and mentors and I’ve seen the ripple effects of this work with dozens of men who participated at my Men’s Immersions. Here’s a fantastic article about why every man would benefit from having a coach:

The 10 Reasons Why Men Need a Men’s Coach to Breakthrough in their Life and Relationships

– By Andrew Ferebee

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