How important it is to fail? | Ankush Jain

How important it is to fail? | Ankush Jain

I’ve been involved in personal development for over 20 years now and one of the big lessons I’ve learned along the way is the importance of failing.

See, I was scared to fail because I was so worried about how it would look to others, which made me really hold back for many years and simply not make any attempt. That was a great strategy to not fail but it was also a great strategy to not really succeed in doing very much.

I learned along the way that the road to success required me to fail. It required me to test things out and have them not work out to my benefit.

I first got into personal development because I really struggled with relationships and dating. On that path, I failed over and over and over again. But I learned so much that I would not have learned if I wasn’t willing to fail and my marriage has now benefitted from all the lessons I learned back then.

Similarly in business, I started my first business when I was 25 years old and it failed. It was a networking business for young professionals which took way more time than I anticipated. But I learned from that experience, so when I started my coaching practice I had a bit of a head start.

As I look back now I see that the key to any success that I’ve had has been the willingness to fail and secondly, the willingness to learn from any mistakes that I’ve made.

I am committed to continuing to make attempts in the future, regardless of whether these attempts are successful or not, because I know that is the key to continued growth.

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