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How Can I Deal with Grief and Loss?

Sydney Banks once said life is a contact sport. By that, he meant that even if you got an understanding of the truth he was pointing to – the fact that our experience of life comes to us via our moment-to-moment thinking – that doesn’t stop us from feeling certain emotions.

He was pointing us to the fact that as human beings having an experience on this planet, we’re going to experience a variety of emotions, which is very normal. The benefit of understanding how our mind works is allowing our feelings to pass rather than letting them overtake us or “keep” them around. We can learn not to indulge in the excessive thinking that creates certain emotions.

However, it is normal to feel emotions, from joy to anger, including grief and loss. When someone is dealing with grief and loss, some words from Sydney banks have been beneficial to me, which someone posted on Facebook several years ago, as he was also dealing with that. It’s pretty deep but I know you will appreciate this:

“(When you hear Truth)…you truly, truly know what death is, you know the supreme beauty of death. Death is nothing to fear. The churches talk about Hell. There’s no such thing as Hell. There really isn’t. The only Hell that exists is in the minds right now. We’re doing that. Put there by thought, our thought. This is the Hell. Death, the so-called death, is just a dropping of the body. Simple, really simple. It’s a dropping of the body, but the conscious state remains. The conscious state never dies. Never. This is why reincarnation…you return with the level of conscious state that you left with.”
–Sydney Banks, 1975 Victoria Tape, side 2.

“The moment of death is the happiest moment of your life.”
–Sydney Banks.

“When you die, you go Home. I guarantee you, you go Home to God … to the Energy of All Things.”
–Sydney Banks, The Hawaii Lectures, (Lone Pine Publishing).

Sebastian Eck interviewed me a while ago about my past and my experiences with emotions like fear, frustration and stress. In the conversation, I share how we can overcome them. If you want to listen to this, click on the image below.

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