How Can I Avoid Becoming Easily Discouraged? | Ankush Jain

How Can I Avoid Becoming Easily Discouraged? | Ankush Jain

One of the things that really helped me when I was introduced to the Three Principles understanding was seeing how no emotion is wrong. As a human being, the nature of my experience is that I’m going to get a range of emotions.

Prior to this, I had been trying to control my emotions, my feelings, my moods, with very little success, but it seemed as if somewhere in the personal development world or spirituality I’d find the answer to sustainable happiness and bliss.

Every time I felt down, or insecure, or sad, it was as if I was doing something wrong and something needed to be fixed. When I started to see that my feelings were a reflection of Thought in the moment, then it was likely that there would be times when I would have what we might call “negative” feelings.
When I stopped trying to do something about that, I realised that these feelings tended to pass.

This was really useful to me when working on a project where I’m likely to face challenges. Knowing that these feelings are totally normal and not needing to be fixed, allows me to stay focused
and keep moving forward. Not seeing this has me expend a lot of energy trying to change something that will pass on its own. In fact, when I tried to control my feelings, I often reinforced the feelings I was trying to shift.

Perhaps the title of this email itself is misleading. It’s not about avoiding feeling discouraged. It’s more about knowing that discouragement is part of life. We will feel the entire range of emotions and we can simply experience what we experience. That takes a lot of my mind and gives me more energy to create whatever I want to create in the world. Perhaps you can relate?


In touch with this blog post, there’s a video of me coaching Nick Bottini about serving a group powerfully that I made a while ago. Please check it out below:


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