One thing that always amuses me is when I speak with coaches who ask me about holding back “their best stuff” before the clients pay them otherwise they would not get paid. The opposite is, in fact, the case.

I have found the more helpful I am with a client BEFORE they pay me, the more likely they are to hire me.

This means on a coaching call, I want to listen to their problem, challenge or goal and I want to ensure I do proper intake but equally, I want to really help them. This might mean brainstorming some ideas, it might involve recommending a book or audio or it might be pointing something out directly or via a question.

Sometimes the answer can come really quick and the client doesn’t need to hire you. That’s great! I remember a number of that kind of call and it’s fun for me.

As Syd Banks pointed us to, let’s not take our business so seriously. Enjoy, have fun and simply serve!


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