RSP 04: Keith Blevens On The One Fact That Affects Our Experience Of All Relationships.

Keith Blevens FactThe One Fact That Affects Our Experience Of All Relationships

I can’t believe we are up to episode 4 of “The Relationship Series” which is now “live” on YouTube. This week I joined a good friend and colleague Dr Keith Blevens who I have had the pleasure of being personally coached by for the past year.

Dr Blevens is a pioneer in the field of psychology and has the most simple and clear understanding of explaining how the mind works and how we experience reality. Keith is a licensed clinical psychologist with degrees from Indiana University and Texas Tech University.

Keith has been an adjunct faculty member at six universities, Clinical Director of the Minneapolis Institute of Mental Health and Director of the Baylor University Counselling Center.

He worked as an associate at Pransky and Associates in La Conner, WA and now owns his own consulting practice. He has hugely impacted me both personally and also in how I work with my clients.

Dr Blevens teaches businesses, organizations, helping professionals, executives, individuals, couples and families the many benefits of understanding how actual reality is being created.

Upcoming book

Six months before Sydney Banks passed away he asked Keith to write a book about this paradigm. He sent Keith a wealth of original material he specifically wrote for this book. Keith, along with his writing and business partner Valda Monroe, are currently working on this text.

You can contact Keith via his website ( or email him at

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