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When I joined Steve Chandler’s coaching school in 2014, one of the first things he suggested for coaches wanting to create clients was to build a community of people who know you and follow your work.

Now, building a community is not necessary and there are coaches who have built thriving coaching practices without deliberately creating a community of followers. But it can be really helpful – I myself have built a couple of large communities on Facebook.

As a few examples, I’ve had clients who have built communities by putting on regular events through Meetup and I coach another one who created her clients from her large community of followers on Instagram. The ways to create communities are numerous, so if you want to do that you’ve got to explore what you are interested in and what works for you.

The great thing about building a community is that it creates a place where you can really serve people and share valuable content and insights before they hire you. This makes it easier, especially when you’re starting out, to create coaching conversations with people who might then go on to hire you.

Mark Howard and I talk about this subject in-depth in our online course for coaches, here’s a snippet from Chapter 12 – Creating an Engaged Community:


What are some creative ways you found to create communities?

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