Deepening Existing Relationships with Clients Vs. Broadening Your Reach

Ankush is interviewed by Drew Tupper in the context of growing a coaching business, more specifically, the difference between broadening your current list of people you know versus deepening existing relationships in that list. This conversation is especially useful to clarify some of the essential steps you can take as a coach to grow your business.

Some of the things they covered:
– Do a lot of coaching! You need to build up your 10,000 hours and experience counts.
– Get coached! I don’t know any great coach who hasn’t been coached themselves at a high level.
– Stay on your own path! There are a myriad of ways to connect with people, to serve and to run your practice.
Love your clients! This often gets overlooked but I was taught to treat my clients (and love them) as family.
– Be generous! We really do live in a world of abundance and we don’t need to hold back. I try and live this every day.
– And much, much more…

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