One thing I have noticed a lot of coaches doing including clients of mine is to compare themselves with other coaches and then make up a story to beat themselves up.

They may think, well John just posted that he signed up a new client today and I haven’t signed up a new client in months. I’m a rubbish coach or I can’t do this.

Perhaps they look at another coach who has released a book and think, I could never do that or I’ve wanted to write a book for ages, why don’t I do anything that I set out to.

This is a great way to stall your own professional growth and I will admit to having thoughts comparing myself negatively to others in this profession. However, it doesn’t need to be like this.

I personally think the more successful my colleagues, my peers are the better.


Because I can learn from them. It’s great that we have colleagues who have coached from this understanding in business, in hospitals, in schools, in prisons, in charities and all over the world. We can learn FROM them and I have found people to be incredibly open in this profession to share what has worked for them. I have found this both with coaches who coach from this understanding and also coaches who coach in different ways.

So my challenge is to take someone who you may be comparing yourself to and reach out to them and learn from them. It will most likely benefit both of you.


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