Come Out of The Closet | 3 Principles Coaching

Come Out of The Closet | 3P Coaching

This was one of the key themes that emerged from a two-day training I delivered in 2016 with Steve Chandler in London for coaches.

Too often I would see coaches who said they would like more clients or business growth and they might even invest in programs or courses to tell them how to do that and yet they were hiding. I would look at their Facebook or Linkedin page and often there was no mention of being a coach. At most I might see links to someone else’s personal development content.

Over the years, I have taught coaches to be bolder about BEING a coach. This respectable profession does a tremendous amount of good in the world. I have never done anything that I am as proud of as the work I do now.

It wasn’t always this way. At the start of my business, when I was certainly not making as much money as in my corporate job, I felt insecure and shy telling people I was a coach. This was both online and in-person. I thought people were judging me for having some kind of mid-life crisis.

The thing was, prior to my own coach training, whenever someone else told me they were a coach, I never judged them for not having a proper job. I loved personal growth. I was excited to talk to them.

I have experienced that over the years, the more I took a stand for my work, the more I was outwardly confident and proud about what I do, the better people responded to me when I told them what I do.

I love this profession and I am excited about helping raise its profile through my work. Especially for those who coach from the 3 Principles understanding.

You may see more posts appearing on your social media newsfeed from clients who are signed up for the inaugural AJC Coaching School. Now you know why – they aren’t hiding anymore.



 A couple of weeks ago I’ve recorded an exclusive interview with Karen Davis and Alex Mill to talk about their book and why I am including it as part of the curriculum out of all the books I could have chosen that have been written on the topic of coaching.

If you are a coach and you want even more impact with your clients (leading to higher fees) then watch this video. It really is excellent.

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P.S The school is full. If you’d like to learn more about the next one and see if it’s a good fit for you, just reply to this email and Felipe will keep your details on record.

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