Coaching From The Three Principles with Keith Blevens | AJC Coaching Career School 2023

Join us for a captivating interview with Dr. Keith Blevens, a renowned 3 Principles mentor, friend, and colleague. With over 10 years of experience together, Keith shares valuable insights on the practice of coaching and the importance of shifting focus away from personal problems. Discover the power of tapping into universal knowledge and opening up a new dimension of mental health, effectiveness, and joy. Learn how to be an effective coach by guiding clients toward a deeper understanding of their own minds and accessing insight and peace.

00:00 – Introduction
01:26 – The practice of coaching and the power of focusing away from personal problems
03:20 – The shift in perspective and finding answers in the right place
06:11 – Narrowing the focus while expanding the universe of knowledge
08:01 – Helping clients find a different dimension and experience mental well-being
11:14 – The effectiveness of coaching beyond problem-solving
12:32 – Impacting clients through a different dimension of coaching
14:18 – Contrasting traditional psychology with The Three Principles approach
15:09 – Dr. Keith Blevens’ authenticity and living the 3 Principles

More about Keith:
Keith Blevins, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, therapist & educator training thousands of health care professionals in a variety of organizations, including The Mayo Clinic. In 1977, he met Sydney Banks an undereducated welder who had a very rare, profound, enlightenment experience in 1973.

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