Coaching Can Raise the Consciousness of the Planet – Ankush Jain’s Most Powerful Message

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I want to acknowledge Felipe Bernardo, Krystian and the entire team, who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to allow us to officially open the doors to the AJC Coaching Career School for the third time.

Just so you know – the webpage has been updated since last year, and the brochure has been completely redesigned and updated. My aim has always been for any coach who looks into the school to get MASSIVE value even if they don’t attend the school. There are so many resources available on the page and brochure for coaches that I believe are worth more than most paid programs.

You don’t need to give me your email address to access the brochure. Some people think I am crazy—perhaps I am. But I don’t want any barriers in the way of coaches succeeding in this wonderful profession.

AND I like to always take things up a notch. So, this year, I am releasing clips from the last AJC Coaching Career School so you can get a glimpse into what this school actually is. Whilst no two cohorts are the same, this will give you a feel for what happens in the room in London.

Thank you to the incredibly talented Olivier L. Brunet who captured these moments so beautifully alongside Carina Loweth. You are both angels!

Please share this blog post with any coach you know who would like to grow their coaching practice ethically, from deep loving service, and join my vision of transforming the industry and raising the consciousness of the planet.

Thank you to my coach Steve Hardison who fingerprints are all over this school. My vision would not be so audacious had we not worked together so deeply. You are the ULTIMATE coach. So looking forward to seeing you in a few days.

Thank you to Steve Chandler – This school would not be happening without you seeing the possibility of me creating something for coaches in Europe and beyond from this place of deep service. I cannot thank you enough and will be forever grateful.

Thank you to my gorgeous, talented, beautiful, funny, clever and incredibly wise partner in crime, Yamini Patel. Everything I am creating in the world is with your support and love. I could not BE the man I am in the world without your love and constant, unwavering support.


With love and appreciation,
Ankush Jain
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You


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