ACCELERATE Your Coaching Practice – A one day event for coaches


A 1-day LIVE Workshop Led by Coach Ankush Jain

Where: London, The Rubens at the Palace Hotel

When: 8th June 2019

Who Should Attend: Existing coaches who want to accelerate their learning curve in growing their coaching practice.


My Journey Towards Being a Full-Time Coach

I’m Ankush Jain and I’m excited to lead this one-day event. I decided to become a coach in 2012 and I enrolled in a year-long coach training program in London. I very quickly caught the bug. After delivering my first coaching session, I walked away feeling like I was floating on air. I knew at that moment that pursuing coaching was the right decision and it is what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. However, my challenge was I had no idea how to create clients and earn an income from coaching.

No-one else around me seemed to know either and it all looked so mysterious to me. The generic advice I stumbled upon often didn’t FEEL right. Building email lists, cheesy marketing and trying to position myself as an expert seemed to take me away from that elated feeling I had walking out of my first coaching session. I knew I had a real knack for helping others but felt frustrated at not being able to do more of it.

I decided to immerse myself in training and mentoring from some world-class teachers and coaches. Doing so meant my own life transformed in miraculous ways. Best of all, the few clients I worked with were seeing extraordinary results of their own!

But making a full-time salary through coaching seemed almost impossible.

My own coach showed me what it really took to make money in this profession and my bank balance improved very quickly. The guidance he gave me was unlike anything like the generic advice I had been taught before. I was shown what service really is i.e. really caring about our clients and prospective clients regardless of whether they sign up or not. I learned to really slow down and help my clients slow down to in order to have bigger changes in their lives than they thought possible!

However, one of the first things I learned was to focus on activities that were likely to make me money in the short term. This led me to have more conversations with prospective clients. I ensured that in those conversations I was actually coaching not simply talking about coaching or the logistics of us working together. Conversely I spent less time on activities that were less likely to make me money.  For me, this meant less time spent on my podcast and having fewer conversations with other coaches who were also struggling. For you, it might mean less time on your website and not sending out so many emails.

I also learned to simplify my pricing structures and not make it up as I went along. This enabled me to have more confidence in what I was charging and my clients started to feel that too. 

Most people didn’t seem to know what I was learning.

As my practice grew, I noticed the same wasn’t true for many coaches around me. In conversations with coaches, I noticed they were struggling with the same issues I had been as I was trying to get my coaching business off the ground. I was hearing the same issues time and time again such as not able to find prospective clients to talk to or how to increase their prices. In these conversations, I started to point out blind spots that the coach had based on my own experiences. It would often open up their eyes to easy changes they could make in their businesses. I knew then that there was value in these conversations being had in a group setting. I have learned so much about my own business in hearing someone else get coached around theirs.

I have previously run multi-day training events for coaches and seen the positive impact of this. However, I noticed that coaches who could most benefit from these training events felt unable to come due to cost. As such, I have decided to conduct a one-day event at a lower price point to make it as accessible as possible.

For this next event, I want to dive in deep and get stuck into the details of your business to help you unpick what isn’t working. I want to help you see the reasons behind this and help you make the often small changes you need to have a significant impact on your future income.

About The Day

The first thing to know is that I will be bringing my A-game and sharing my knowledge and skills with you in a fun and unique way. But don’t let that fool you. It’s going to be intense! Nothing will be left on the table.

How will you know if this is right for you?

If you’re interested in any or all of the following, then this workshop is definitely for you:

  • How to transition from a part-time to a full-time prosperous coach. There are millions of coaches, but very few who are prosperous. I plan to share how I’ve done it, no holds barred.
  • How being humble helps to sign clients.  Even faster than the supposed “extraordinary, exceptional, impressive coach” does.
  • How to market yourself authentically. Much of the marketing you’ve learned is just plain wrong. I’ll show you how being yourself and being of service is the best approach to client creation.
  • How structures and systems can help your practice grow. While showing you what’s not working.
  • How to ask for money, even when it doesn’t feel very spiritual. Otherwise known as how not to be a victim!
  • Understanding why prospective clients don’t want to be sold. Yet having them buy anyway.
  • How to turn your coaching business into a game. One that you can’t wait to get up and play. Every. Single. Day.

Still Unsure if You Want to Join Me?

Learn more about how I work via two very powerful (and free) audios which are designed to support you with your commitment to creating clients.

Listen in as Steve and I talk about:

  • The difference between coaching and therapy
  • Charging money and why it’s good for the client
  • The importance of a growth mindset
  • The importance of having a coach and how to find one
  • Common misconceptions coaches have and what to do if you can’t find clients.

When you’re done with this, I have one more quicky for you:  

Worthy vs Useful: 

In this 10-minute audio clip, Steve and I cover a key distinction for coaches:

The difference between being worthy vs. being useful.

Once coaches understand this distinction it completely removes the fear of approaching someone or making a proposal. It takes the focus away from you and places it on the prospective client.

So now that you’ve read and listened to all of the above, are you…

Ready to Create a Prosperous Heart-Centered Coaching Career of Your Own?

Because we want to be able to focus on YOU and YOUR needs, I’ve limited the workshop. Therefore this event will sell out.
If you know in your heart this 1-day workshop is just the thing you need to kick start your own profitable coaching career…

Reserve your seat now by sending me a message via the Contact Me Page.
Still not sure or have questions?

Please feel free to contact me via the contact me page or the button below and I’ll be happy to have a conversation with you about whether or not this event is right for you.