Can The 3 Principles Help me Make More Money?

Can the Principles help me make more money?

The principles in and of themselves are facts about how we experience reality, they’re not a technique to use or a method of creating more money.

Having said that, I have found that as I’ve explored the Principles, they have helped me in generating more income as a coach and also helped me spend less money on things that I don’t need. Because before coming across this understanding I used to think I needed to buy things to make me feel happier, more fulfilled or complete.

At the same time, I do see a lot of thinking amongst people in the 3P community around money that is actually quite unhelpful when desiring to create more income.

Though I can relate, because I had a lot of thinking around money myself, such as how earning above a certain amount was greedy and selfish or that I shouldn’t charge for my work as a coach – that all I do should be available for free.

I was recently talking to a client who was telling me he had a lot of money thinking and couldn’t imagine charging as much as I do for his coaching services. I told him I have zero thinking about charging for my work – in fact, if anything, I believe I’m undercharging.

But that hasn’t come about through some kind of technique or through a system of “using the Principles” it’s come about from living from the Principles, developing a skillset in my profession and looking at the reality and the demand for my work.

I think the same is true if I were still in a corporate career. An understanding of the Principles could help me get promoted quicker as I dropped misunderstandings around stress, productivity and what I thought promotions would mean to me; and I can also see how a superficial understanding of the Principles would likely not help me much to create more money.

There’s a great interview I did for the 3 Principles Global Community a couple of years ago where we went deeper into how this understanding applies to money.

Check it out below:

  • How my misunderstandings around money impacted my life.
  • Common beliefs people can have about money.
  • My personal habits around money before and after the understanding of the Principles.
  • The relation between money and professional coaching.
  • The implication of the Principles on making money
  • An attitude to have when looking at people in incredibly poor conditions.

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