Can I Raise My Self-Esteem? | Ankush Jain

Can I Raise My Self-Esteem? Ankush Jain

One of the best indicators of how much of your own power you are able to access and use in the world is your level of self-esteem.

I’ve met many men who’ve become clients of mine, either through my group Immersion programs or private one-on-one coaching, who no matter how successful they were in the world, had self-esteem that was lower than what was appropriate for their level of success and achievements. This low self-esteem or being overly humble was getting in the way of them really being powerful and creating the next level of success in their lives.

Steve Hardison, known as The Ultimate Coach, recently shared a thought with me.
“False humility is the ultimate arrogance.”

Often men think that increasing your self-esteem means being arrogant or full of yourself. In my experience, that’s not the case.

True self-esteem is the opposite of arrogance.

Arrogance is another form of insecurity and insecurity doesn’t go hand in hand with self-esteem.

True self-esteem is appropriately acknowledging yourself for your skills, abilities, behaviours and actions. Self-esteem is simply how you think about yourself. The great news about that is, like any thought, it can change.

So even if you’ve had low self-esteem for decades, you’re only one thought away from changing that. You’re only one thought away from confidence. You’re only one thought away from feeling grounded and present and secure. You’re only one thought away from a completely different life. 
I’d like to leave you with a page from the handouts given at my Powerful Men’s Immersion in March this year. In it, there’s a transcript of an excerpt from an audio of a private recording by Sydney Banks which talks about the very essence of this post: the power of Thought. Please take a moment to read it today.


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