Steve Chandler and I have worked together for many years. Not only has he been my coach but we’ve co-hosted programs for coaches in the past in London and many of you have been asking me if I will be hosting something with Steve for coaches again given that we didn’t do something in 2019.

Well, I can announce that Steve and I are planning to put on a program for coaches later this year (full details TBC at a later date).

Additionally, Steve sent out an email to his coaching school this week which was excellent and I am sharing it below. Please read it deliberately and mindfully at least twice. If it is useful to you and if you relate and connect with it, Private Message me or comment below and I will invite you into a 90-minute webinar that Steve and I are doing in February where not only do we expand on this email but also share some exciting news.

This webinar is not open to everybody, but only those who really want to grow their coaching practice in 2020.



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  1. Hi Ankush, I heard you in two podcasts today with Jamie Smart :-). They were very inspiring.
    I think they were recorded in 2013. You talked about writing your book. I was so happy to see you published it last year, what an accomplishment, congratulations. I’m a Trainer/Coach in New Zealand. I have a good feeling about 2020 and that this is the year I will re-launch and grow my coaching practice (amongst other things). I’m very much interested in being included in the webinar you mention, with Steve Chandler next month (reminds me I must re-listen to The Prosperous Coach). I look forward to hearing more about this. Nga mihi nui (many acknowledgements), Nadia Flowers


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