Are Clients Really Everywhere You Go? | 3 Principles Coaching

Are Clients Really Everywhere You Go? | Ankush Jain

You may have heard coaches such as myself or Steve Chandler say

“Clients are everywhere.”

I remember when people used to say that to me, I didn’t believe it and I’m sure when I tell my clients or when coaches hear me saying this, they don’t believe me either.

However, the longer I’ve coached, the more I’ve seen this to be true, especially because clients are created more so than they are found, attracted or manifested.

By that I mean, the enrollment process is a creation, and so many of my clients weren’t necessarily looking for a coach before they hired me. If they were, they often weren’t looking to hire me for as long as they did.

When I start working with coaches who are struggling to find people to talk to I tell them that within a few months they will be telling me their calendar is too full and they need help managing it. They often look at me quizzically because it seems so unbelievable. Yet, this is what I found happens time and time again.

So what occurs in those few months?

Well, one of the things is that I help them to slow down and connect with their existing network. This means connecting – not trying to get your friends and family into sales calls.

Also, instead of selling coaching, I help them get used to asking great questions and finding the problems people are struggling with. I call this process “intake” and the better the intake the more likely you are to have a conversation that will deeply impact the potential client.

If you get good at identifying problems AND you have a skill in coaching to help people solve their problems, you will never be short of clients. This is something I guarantee.

In the spirit of creating, I did a fantastic short interview with Steve Chandler a few years ago about Waking Up to Your Own Creativity. Check it out below.

With love and appreciation,
Ankush Jain
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You


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