A Year of Conscious Creation | Ankush Jain and Rich Habets

In this conversation with my colleague and dear friend Rich Habets we talk about how our insights from working with The Ultimate Coach – Steve Hardison – transformed our year (and life) into a conscious creation of who we choose to be in every moment.

The process of creating what we want in life is not something new to me as I’ve been working on myself for years through personal development, with my own coach Steve Chandler and mentors like Keith Blevens. However, the insights into BEING that Steve Hardison shares take creating in life to a whole other level of. This conversation is a teaser of the impact this work has on our lives.


00:00 Introducing Ankush Jain & Rich Habets

02:29 The Most Important Creation for Ankush in 2022

04:57 The Number 1 Thing that’s Changed in Ankush’s Relationship

07:58 How Creating Better Relationships Improves Everything

14:36 What Rich Habets Got From Working with The Ultimate Coach

17:45 Ankush’s Commitment to Deeply Loving Himself

23:34 How to Bring The Best in Others

25:14 What Ankush & Rich are Focusing on


And to find out more about Rich, go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardhabets/?originalSubdomain=nl



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