A New Section to my Book Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering The REAL You

A New Section to my Book Sweet Sharing - Rediscovering The REAL You

I have decided to add a new section to my book Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You right before Chapter 1. It’s an important point about the way people can read this book in order to really get the most out of it and I would like to share it with you below.

This has been inspired by Steve Hardison and his brilliant book The Ultimate Coach. It was edited by Chris Nelson, who I appreciate very much for helping me craft this as I intended it.

I know if people heed these words before they read the book, it will have a much greater impact on them versus just reading a book about me or my clients.

Enjoy! And I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

With love and appreciation,
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You

P.S. One of my most listened podcasts The Relationship Series is now also available on Spotify. I had a number of incredible conversations with Three Principles practitioners there, which at the time completely impacted my relationships for the better. You can check it here.


How to Read this Book 


Dear Reader,

I thought for many years that I would write a book one day, but I didn’t really know what it would be about. One day it became perfectly clear how I would start the book, and the rest seemed to write itself. A couple of years later, the book was published and now you have it in your hands. Over the past few years, I’ve beem fortunate to receive countless messages from people who have read and loved the book, but I have noticed that some have missed the deeper essence of what I am pointing to.

So with your permission, I want to give you some suggestions on how to read the book for it to have the greatest positive impact on you, and to not simply be a nice book that is quickly forgotten. The subtitle of this book is “Rediscovering the REAL You”. That is because whilst there are many biographical elements in these pages—many stories drawn from my own life—this book isn’t about me and it isn’t about my clients.

This is a book about how our minds actually work. Not just my mind or some people’s minds. It’s how everyone’s minds work. The understanding shared in this book has huge implications for our lives, our careers and our relationships. As we grasp it more clearly it results in a less cluttered mind and a deeper awareness of the real you. The “you” that exists before your thinking arises.

So to get the most out of this book, please read it about you, and see what you can take from it. Read it slowly and mindfully. I invite you not to rush past the questions at the ends of some of the chapters, but rather to take your time and reflect on them, perhaps even to journal or meditate on them.

If you take your time reading this book, if you read it as if you’re having a deep conversation with an old friend, you can open yourself up to an insight that has the power to create a lasting shift in your life.

Ankush Jain

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