6 Lessons I Learned from Filling My Coaching Practice with Peter McCammon

In this webinar, Ankush Jain interviews his college and client Peter McCammon on the 6 main lessons he learned from filling his coaching practice within 1 year!

Use these quick links to find the webinar highlights:

01:08 – Introduction

03:26 – Peter’s background and journey into coaching.

08:11 – Lesson 1: “What helped me most to focus on my coaching business”

16:38 – Lesson 2: “If I don’t do this, nothing changes”

22:25 – Uncomfortable actions Peter took to build his practice.

25:33 – Lesson 3: “There was still loads of space in my calendar”

29:33 – One of Peter’s systems to create clients.

34:56 – Did Peter target a particular niche?

36:55 – Lesson 4: “It helped me see the opportunities that were right under my nose”

41:25 – The impact of The 3 Principles in his coaching.

45:05 – Lesson 5: “A negative belief has never prevented me from taking action”

52:57 – Lesson 6: How clients are everywhere.

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Lessons Learned


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