$45k Agreement with Steve Hardison – The Ultimate Coach

$45k Agreement with Steve Hardison – The Ultimate Coach

So earlier this year, I invested $45,000 into a ten-hour coaching agreement with Steve Hardison, The Ultimate Coach. I undertook this agreement in five x two-hour sessions in his office in Phoenix, Arizona. There was no option to do this online. This works out to $9,000 per session or $4,500 per hour.

I have invested a lot of money in my personal growth over the years and worked with some of the best coaches in the world, from Steve Chandler to Jamie Smart to Zan Perrion. However, this financial investment and commitment were on a whole new level. I had never seen myself as a wealthy person, and even a couple of years ago couldn’t imagine investing this kind of money and time in this coaching agreement. Deep down, I thought I wasn’t ready or worthy. I feared that if I did invest, Steve would see through me, find out who I was truly BEING, and fire me. (He saw through me, but I was not fired).

Last Friday, Steve and I completed our 5th session, which concluded our agreement for 2022, and we took down my Indian flag. It was a symbolic moment, and I can say the investment was worth every penny (or cent).

My results from working with Steve Hardison

During these ten hours, Steve and I dove into my deepest fears, insecurities and negative beliefs that I held about myself. This was the most challenging and profound personal work I’d ever done. By the start of the second session, I had written all these down, and it was brutal to look at. But the only way was up. I didn’t share these with anyone. To build myself up, I had to ensure we were building on a solid foundation.

We worked on a process to forgive me and create what is known as my document, a set of declarations that I say every morning and every evening. These are incredibly empowering, and started to re-wire my brain immediately. They felt different from the affirmations I had dabbled with over a decade ago. I am so glad I hadn’t tried to create a document alone. I want to thank Alan D Thompson, Devon Bandison, Chris Dorris and Gary Mahler for their guidance, insights and for encouraging me to undergo this process with Steve. These men have served as an authentic community I could turn to for camaraderie and levity. Anyone lucky to be in their network is blessed – truly blessed. I mean that with all sincerity.

I have been finding ways to BE my document and my declarations every day, and it’s been profoundly life-changing, to say the least. I’m different in how I show up with my wife. I’ve stopped watching and masturbating to porn which has been a blessing. I dropped this when I committed to being the best husband, lover and partner to my wife. I now delight in giving her massages and foot rubs. I love her more than I ever thought possible. Our relationship is the best it has ever been, including when we were first dating or just getting married. I also don’t hold myself to an unrealistic expectation that we won’t ever disagree or fall out. Instead, I recommit to my declarations when we do. It’s been transformative.

A few weeks ago, I faced my biggest fears and held a snake in my hands, followed by a tarantula a few minutes later. This would have been unthinkable earlier this year. I felt incredible after doing it. Years of fear melted away into a deeper sense of calm. I have been petrified of spiders and often asked my wife to take them out of the house. I judged myself as a coward for this, but no more. I am one of the bravest people I know.

My coaching practice has exploded. I’ve been full all year, referring clients to other coaches or putting them on a waiting list. The demand hasn’t died down. If anything, it’s gone the other way. And it doesn’t surprise me. I’m bringing more than ever to my sessions with clients. I see more possibility in them than ever and hold them to a higher standard. You could say I love them more. Steve and I have never spoken about business strategy, as far as I can remember. You could say I am BEING a different and more effective coach. That’s the seed of my financial success.

My relationship with my son is something I’m incredibly proud of. He’s three, and I feel we’ve bonded deeper than ever. We enjoy each other’s company, and I love spending time with him. I was in danger of becoming yet another busy dad – telling myself I had to work to provide for our family. I relish my evenings with him when I read him books and put him to bed. Recently, my wife went away for work, and I had him to myself for a few days. Rather than it being a chore, it was a genuine delight. Watching him grow and guiding him on his own path is a tremendous joy.

I asked Steve in 2021 if I could pay him his previous fee of $25,000 for this agreement. He told me to call him and, amongst other things, said that if I paid him $450,000, it would be cheap for what I got. I thought that was a bold statement, but I knew he meant it. I sensed no ego or bravado in his speaking. That conversation changed me as a coach and human being forever. Looking back now, I can see a strong case for that to be true. I’ve made more progress in my marriage, business and self-esteem than ever before. And I’m not finished yet. How can I put a price on that? I keep telling people Steve Hardison is cheap for what he charges, and he is his declaration – no one will pay him what he’s worth.

The Ultimate Experience India

As some of you know, on the 25th of February 2023, I will speak to hundreds of people in Mumbai, India, about what I’ve learned. I.e. accessing my state of Being alongside Steve Hardison, Amy Hardison, Becky Robbins, Alok Appadurai, Gary Mahler and Clate Mask. This is the greatest honour of my life, and this is not about the other speakers or me.

Working on my state of BEING has, and continues to, create miracles in my life and those close to me. This event is about YOU and your inner state of being. I look forward to seeing some of you there. It will be the best trip of your life if you show up open and willing to listen as you’ve never listened before and if you read this book: The Ultimate Coach book as Steve recommends before our meeting there. None of us is getting paid to speak or having our expenses covered. All profits are going to a very worthy cause.

Please contact Ranjan Kumar Varanasi or his team to purchase your ticket or ask any questions. Venu Bhagavan, Pooja Chaudhry Thukral, Saloni Singh, Farah Ismail, Yayati Desai, Bishal Sarkar, Ajaye Singh Thakur, Sabelle Millimono, Sumit Gupta, Dipanshu Rawal and everyone else have been doing an extraordinary job.

With love and appreciation,
Ankush Jain
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You


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